Medcliv survey

The impact of climate change on the sustainable land use of rural areas and its impact on the vine and wine value chain (VWVC) has been widely discussed in recent. The sector is crucial for the Mediterranean region, due to its strong economic and cultural impact, in regions where grapevine cultivation is part of the agricultural, economic, and cultural heritage, changes in the VWVC may heavily affect socio-economic aspects, unless adaptation measures are taken. The Orchestrated Ecosystem built in this project aims at setting up national Mediterranean Climate Vine & Wine Hubs (MCVWH) for a communal, interdisciplinary, cross-cutting approach to the awareness of the climate-induced changes and to their solutions. The idea is to bring together the different players of the VWVC in order to share the know-how, ideas, solutions, perspectives, about the common problems, already showing in the most prone areas, but not preventing the disclosure of new chances for areas not yet fully exploited. The countries involved are Cyprus, France, Italy, Portugal, Slovenia and Spain.